Yes, our address is 24 Jalan Lekar Singapore 699964
We are open from 10am to 6pm daily
Yes, our WhatsApp number is +65 98192334
Yes, you may opt for self collection during checkout.
Delivery fees depend on your shipping address.
During checkout, the delivery fee will be shown after the shipping address is provided.
Yes, we do use insecticide once a week
This is to maintain our plants as our plants are grown and kept outdoor so the environment is highly populated with pests.
For tank owners who keep shrimps, any plants to be added in should be quarantined before being transferred to the main tank as shrimps are very sensitive to insecticides. Hobbyist who keeps shrimp should be very careful about adding aquatic plants in without quarantine. There are instances where hobbyist added in plants with no issues but we do not recommend this as due diligence has to be done to make sure the shrimps are not exposed to chemicals that are harmful to them.