myriophyllum matogrossense
myriophyllum matogrossense

Myriophyllum Matogrossense


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Myriophyllum matogrossense is native to the wetlands of South America. It is popularly used as an aquarium plant.

Myriophyllum matogrossense is perhaps one of the easiest to grow. Lighting should be at least moderate , but more intense lighting leads to larger leaf whorls and more intense pearling. This stem plant is an excellent candidate for non-CO2, moderately lit aquaria where it will still grow healthy, large, green whorls. If it turns pale or white, this plant is not getting enough iron or micronutrients.

Hardiness: Easy
Light Needed: Medium
Plant Structure: Stem
Family: Haloragaceae
Genus: Myriophyllum
Region: South America
Size: Individual stem width: 5-8cm

Growth Rate: Very fast
Can Be Grown Emersed: Yes


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